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Purple deity pedals

As pedals have become thinner and brought the foot closer to the spindle, Deity contends this is no longer required.Also, my traction pins are still going strong despite some wicked hits.The other edge of the pedal taper up 2.5mm from the center of the body to help enhance grip.We commonly referred to them as “those plastic BMX pedals”.Deity’s pedal surface-area is spot-on for my shoe size, and the traction pins grip fairly well while providing just enough “float” to allow for foot movement and repositioning.In addition to being symmetrical, the TMAC platform is also concave.What sets this pedal apart from others is that the platform body is centered on the axle.The entire structure spins on a combination of micro sealed bearings, DU bushings, and a heat treated cro-molly spindle.During that time frame the brand designed, finalized, redesigned, and then redesigned again, until they finally created a product they were proud of.In your hand, the TMAC is not noticeably bigger than competitors such as the VP Harrier, but underfoot the feel is different due to the symmetrical shape.A decade ago flat pedals experienced a surge in popularity, but due to their thick profile, brands would offset the platform to allow the foot to engage faster.The nylon pedal-body just slides over rocks and never seems to get hung-up.

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