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Land rover discovery 3 facelift

When it was unveiled in late 2004, the Discovery 3 offered a bold new take on a classic theme with radical styling and high tech features packed into a model which spanned a wide range of pricing.Now, it has been replaced with “Discovery,” while at the back, the “4” from “Discovery 4” has also been dropped.Also gone is the “Land Rover” name that used to be found on the bonnet lip.It was new from the ground up when launched in 2004 and boasts enough technology and design savvy to punt all of its rivals clean off the map.Models Covered: 5 door 4x4 2.7 turbodiesel, 4.4 petrol [base, S, SE, HSE]Say what you will about the old Discovery, but there was always something endearing about it.The old Discovery had so many facelifts that there was a running industry joke that there were more Discovery variants around than Discoverys themselves.With the Range Rover commanding serious money, there was a huge swath of market for the Discovery to stretch into, charging premium prices for a premium quality product.On virtually any objective calculation, it was way off the pace but the way it had triumphed over considerable adversity was almost Shackletonesque.As a used buy, Disco 3s are still in very high demand so don't expect any screaming bargains.It gets Wade Sensing for crossing rivers, Blind Spot Monitoring which is a must on a vehicle this massive, Closing Vehicle Sensing, Reverse Traffic Detection and T-junction Cameras, as well as a premium Meridian audio system which can be had with a total of 17 speakers.Although this may have engendered a certain exclusivity amongst buyers, it never did much for the Discovery's resale value, which was mediocre at best.

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