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Hallux valgus numbness

Below is an illustration of the varying degrees of heel position when view from behind relative to the ground.Inverted or varus heel is pictured to the left (A), neutral or perpindicular position is center (B), and everted or valgus heel to the right (C).Occasionally patients with early disease and minimal changes on an x-ray may benefit from an MRI as it will show damage to the cartilage and related changes of arthritis.Plain radiographs are a quick and effective way of confirming big toe (1st MTP) joint arthritis in a joint.The following are features of arthritis on a plain radiograph: MRI is not generally required to make the diagnosis.That is not to say that all patients are symptomatic, some patients describe stiff joints with mild ache and are able to manage their symptoms with activity modification.MRI is particularly useful in assessing: The natural history of big toe (1st MTP) joint arthritis is very variable, some patients describe a rapid deterioration, while others take many years to get worse.It is also the most common arthritic condition in the foot.Most people however present when there is some structural damage.Cartilage allows smooth and frictionless movements. Disease of cartilage leads to roughened surfaces which causes friction and increased wear and tear in the joint.This happens to be the other metatarsal bones and lesser MTP joints starting with the 2nd.

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