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He admits that although he has lived a varied and discriminating life, he would like to have been an artist and experience the true joy and excitement of creativity. This same sense of futility ap- pears again in Dxadva Vanva (Un- cle Vanya. Astrov is a prototype ecologist who plants forests and manages wildlife and wonders what will become of them in future years. When 1 hear the rustling of the young trees 1 planted with my own hands, I'm conscious of the fact that if mankind is happy in a thousand years' time, I'll be responsible for it even though only to a very minute ex- tent (I.i). The House recently approved funds for the school, but the Senate asked the General Accounting Office to make a study of the cost effectiveness of the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences compared with the present military medical scholarship program. The AMA has opposed the establishment of the school since its conception a number of years ago. His unusual dexterity and profound surgical judgment made him a very fast sur- geon and his fame spread quickly. He had a good-sized piece of timber through his abdomen. Bost removed the timber and after a series of operations (there were no antibiotics in those days) the man not only recovered but served in the military in World War II. Bost had an inherent ability of knowing just what the stock market was doing and what it was going to do. Just a few years ago he gave Duke University a trust fund of a million dollars to be used for medical research and student loans. Mecklenburg County Medical Society AVAILABLE FOR IMMEDIATE SHIPMENT Standard Approved Forms for Billing to Commercial Insurance Companies - Blue Cross - Medicare G 33P FOR PHYSICIANS G 34D FOR DENTISTS 2 Part Carbon Interleaved Snap-A-Part Sets 500 FORMS FOR ONLY $19.50 1000 FORMS FOR ONLY 834.45 Forms may be imprinted with Doctor's Name, Address, Registry number, I. But they lack any vision of how that change can be brought about construc- tively. Dorn is shown as an impotent, ineffective hanger-on in the Sorin household. ill most certainly create another and better life forthemselves. but 1 know that it will be quite differ- ent, quite unlike our present life. I go on saying to people again and again: 'Please, understand that your life is bad and dreary! A (ed): Lt Uirs nj Anton Chfkhov New York Viking Press. All quolalions are laken from here I unless otherw. The anthelmin- tic action is probably due to the neuromuscular blocking property of the drug. There- fore, this drug should be used with caution in patients with pre-existing liver dysfunction. The most fre- quently encountered adverse reac- tions are related to the gastrointes- tinal system. The new procedure, only recently described in med- ical literature, involves just one operation on the throat and permits easy access to the transplanted tissue if some of that tissue has to be removed. associate professor of community medicine, has been reappointed by the Forsyth County Commissioners to a three-year term as a member of the Forsyth-Stokes Area Mental Health Board. Off-duty, you and your family can enjoy the excellent recrea- tional facilities of the Air Force Base of your choice. The HEW Department said 207 physicians last year received more than $100,000 from Medicaid. After completing his internship and resi- dency in the Washington area, he volunteered for military service. The city is noted for its cul- tural, recreational and college environments. Liberal fringe benefits in- cluding paid vacation, CME, retirement, life insurance and health coverage. Send curriculum vitae including salary requirements, to: Reid Bahnson, M. He was the most noble of the nobility of the Shrine. The whole family became interested in horses; and every summer while the boys were growing up,: the Choates spent their weekends at horse shows. 1 )ant in many community projects, but a devoted hus- band and father. Choate was a pioneer in the field of mental lealth and actively served in this area throughout his nedical career. He was certified by the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology in 1930. He regrets his life, but realizes that it is too late for him to change anything: has to be taken seriously, but when it comes to taking cures at sixty, and regretting that you don't get enough enjoyment out of life when you were young — all that, forgive me. He is an empathetic observer of Trepilov's love affair with Masha but more fascinated by Trepilov's play. " Although the play takes its title from Ivan (Vanya) Voinitsky, its main protagonist is clearly Dr. who believes that "only God knows what our real vocation' is" (I.i). I'm not expecting anything for myself any longer (II. He visits in a household of un- happy people that is set into com- motion by the return of Professor Serebriakov and his new wife Yelena. Such people are rare, and we must love them \ talented man can't stay free from blemishes m Rus- sia (11.1).' t 30 Vol. Medicaid officials made clear that the figures were gross receipts and that there was no suggestion of any abuse or impropriety. Keith Weikel, Federal Medicaid Director, told a small group of newsmen that he was concerned that disclosure of the physicians' names might discourage some physicians from treat- ing Medicaid patients, but he added that the Agency felt the information law required release. The school, to be located on the Bethesda, Md., grounds of the Naval Medical Center, was opposed last year by a special White House task force that concluded tax- payers would save $100 million without it. ) told the Senate $15 million has already been spent on the school and Congress should allow it to go ahead. Lancet, the oldest English language m.edical jour- nal, reported this case as the first of its kind. He probably operated on more doctors and their families and on more Catholic sisters than any surgeon. There was a young man brought to Mercy Hospital from a traffic accident. He was very much interested in art and occasionally did some sci- entific paintings as a hobby in his leisure time. Franklin will be greatly missed by the medical community and will be long remembered by his many friends and associates. IMPRINT CHARGES: $12. jorms (Minimum Imprint Charge is $12.50) Orders for forms NOT imprinted are shipped same day received. After he dies, his wife realize^ what a won- derful husband he had been and blames herself for his death. Sergievich provides a student with another type of escape, this time drugs, in "Strokh" ("Terror." 1892). As for himself, Astrov is reduced to the vague hope "that when we're at rest in our graves we may see visions — perhaps even pleasant ones" (IV. In Tri Syostiy (The Three Sisters, 1901), the last of Chekhov's stage doctors. A synthetic / isomer, seemingly much more effective than tb synthetic E isomer of the pheromone of this moth, i now available and may be the means of preventing tb periodic drastic defoliations caused when they ge hungry. That the Food and Drug Administration has enough to do and enough undone probably won't pre- vent congressional attempts to assign it control of perfumes, colognes and pheromones. A committee of five auxiliary members is working with five represen- tatives of the medical society and the Department of Public Instruction in this area. The transfused leukocytes do not provide complete protection from infection, but work with powerful antibiotics if infection develops. Air Force Mail the coupon below for all the information. ^1 * * * The House Ways and Means Committee has ap- iroved four technical amendments to the Medicare iw including one which would forestall rollbacks in ome physicians' Medicare reimbursement. Tri County Mental Health Complex, 165 Mahalev Avenue, Salisburv. Now all he can do is prescribe valerian drops and quinine for any ailment about which his attention is sought. Chekhov's answer to boredom and depression is "work! I work harder than anyone in the district — you know that — fate batters me continuously, at times 1 suffer un- bearably. He plants a tree and wtnders what will come of it in a thousand years" time, and specu- lates on the future happiness of man- kind. who in her love for Astrov can only mar- vel: "He's so clever. The operation is of potential benefit to recipients of new kidneys who have overactive parathyroids which do not return to normal and to those with overactive parathyroids resulting from other medical problems. The names were requested by the New York Daily News and other newspapers on the basis of the Freedom of Information Statute designed toopenup the workings of the Federal Government to public scrutiny. It was there that while operating on a young officer with multiple wounds the patient suffered car- diac arrest. Bost opened the chest and by heart massage ("cardiac compression," he called it) the heart started beating and the officer was restored to life. When he returned to Charlotte, he was appointed chief of surgery for life at Mercy Hospital, and al- though he worked at all of Charlotte's hospitals, Mercy was his first love. His main professional interest was gynecolog- ical surgery with special emphasis on procedures for the correction of urinary incontinence. He feels sick for living in a world where human beings can be driven to such low. The psychiatrist obtains a complete per- sonal history and tests his tactile sensibility with a bizarre instru- ment. who is able to dis- suade him from suicide but can offer no reason for living. At 60, he admits to being "a lonely, utterly unimportant old man" (I.i). A good doctor 25 years ago, Chebutykin has forgot- ten everything he once knew. Perhaps I'm not a man at all, hut I just imagine that I've got hands and feet and a head. Hopefully, it sheds some light on the doctors he created and shows how they are, in part, projections of Chekhov's own concerns of the weaknesses of his own world and his inability to change anything about it. through his doc- tors, a curing of the ills he saw in the society around him. There is littl likelihood that we need worry about trying to contrc |ii 'j,i -lif Vol. In keeping with th^ celebration of the bicentennial, the auxiliary is collecting the histories of medicine in counties throughout the state. Antiminth is avail- able as a pleasant tasting caramel- flavored suspension which contains the equivalent of 50 mg. Surgeons at the medical center have performed their tlrst transplant of parathyroid glands. The Ways and Means amendment would prevent any reim- bursement to be less this fiscal year than allowed previously. The other amendments dealt with reimbursement for teaching hospitals, the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program, and extension of an exemption for certain nurse staffing requirements in rural hospitals. ANUARY 1976, NCMJ 59 COMPREHENSIVE GROUP HEALTH CARE PLAN (Winston-Salem, N. A new prepaid group health plan (Multi-specialty) is being de- veloped for employees of R. Reynolds Industries, Inc., and the following board-qualified specialists are needed. C., young mental health staff serving 180,000 residents in three county area. Chekhov aptly compares her to an ill animal warming itself in the sun. He works hard as an assistant physician in one hospital and as an autopsy prosec- tor in another. A Lile New York: Grove Press, 19.^2 8 Simmons EJ: Chekhov. Chekhow Plays, introduction Baltimore Penguin Classics. ■*, » ._, i iac disease^ lucoma, hypl cicomitant use of other xan-| tions or other CNS stim- . i-hg., Tablets^ NBC^^-RSZiij t R521-97, bottlei W 100^^ 'm C 19-R515-68, pint bajf* ^allon bottle. It is believed that this style makes it easier for the reader to judge w hether the reference is likely to prove useful to him. The illustrations should be glossy black-and-white prints or line drawings. On closer examination we find that plants have had to cooperate with animals to ensure survival of the species just as a man sometimes has to "say it with flowers." Recently, the Journal has seen fit to comment on the intimate relationship between milkweed and monarch butterfly which allows the animal to protect itself from predators by feeding in its larval stage on the plant from which it sequesters cardenolides. 1975 1 Beach FA: Behavioral endocrinology: an emerging dtsciphne American Scientist 63 17S-187. Bulletin Board NEW MEMBERS of the State Society Allen. 124 Foye Drive, Rocky Mount 27801 Almond, Charles Malcolm, MD (FP). Last year the state auxiliary gave $23,950.71 to AMA-ERF, small in comparison to donations by other state auxiliaries. Transfusions given as part of the medical center study contain platelets and leukocytes which are matched to the patient's blood in exactly the same way that tissue is matched for kidney or heart transplants. * * * i Federal controls dictating where medical graduate! Nesbitt told the Senate Health Subcommittee headed by Sen. Dorn has never been a man of vision or imagination, though, and his prob- lem is not that of teaching an old dog new tricks — simply knowing what tricks to learn. and everyone else, but is paralyzed with ignorance: "What can I do. He is one of the few people left who can appreciate the simplicity and beauty of life around him: . Astrov receives no satisfaction or recognition for his work, and is not solaced by Nanny's consolation: "If people won't remember. He hopes to make a bet- ter world for future generations, even though his is personally one of misery and self-deprecation: As for my own life. He said, "If a person is going to give, give enough to do some good." Dr. degree from the University of Penn- sylvania in 1930.

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