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Facelift vs fillers 2014

The most important thing for you as a consumer to know is that liposuction plus loose skin usually equals bad results.Smart-Lipo makes dramatic claims about its skin shrinking ability, but as you can see from above, good skin doesn’t need a laser to shrink.Elastic skin will shrink to the smaller dimensions after the fat is removed, but the amount of shrinkage varies widely.The claims are based on a “study” of 10 patients who had side by side tumescent liposuction and Smart-Lipo. When the skin is tight, removing fat leads to improved proportions and a nice smooth result.The transition from “dry” techniques to “wet” techniques was a huge leap forward.My Sculptra from about 4 years ago was fading away and I couldn’t wait to try Juvederm’s latest product. My cheekbones are defined and I got a more youthful lift to my cheeks as well.Brand name liposuction is viewed more as a marketing ploy than as a giant leap in the advancement of liposuction.

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