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Cholesterolová dieta outback menu

it's a challenge because the food is generally so processed that it bothers me to even sample the dishes. The Gold Coast Shrimp seemed a good choice at 142 calories and 188 mg of sodium per serving.Everyone agreed that this was one of the best dishes tasted in a chain restaurant (faint praise but there you have it). Some pretty good dishes and some of the worst ever. The reported calories are 280 with 574 mg of sodium, but if you only eat half of the dressing this will likely be about half the amount of calories and salt. Not anywhere as good a version of the French Dressing my mother made when I was growing up, but OK for a chain restaurant.It was a slightly tough (but not overly so) piece of sirloin with good beef flavor. It was cooked to perfection, being slightly pink in the middle.Any of the three – the steak, chicken Barbie or the salmon – would be a fine meal. The tilapia dish that looked promising and came topped with a crabmeat stuffing. The tilapia without the crabmeat would have been a great dish. All three of these were not as bad as the crabmeat but they were close. (If you skipped forward you did miss the good review of the steak, chicken, salmon, potatoes and veggies.) By far the best of the menu is the Sweet Glazed Roasted Pork Tenderloin.Since I've never set foot in one, looking at the menu seemed especially dismaying, especially after eating at similar restaurants. This was reinforced when I stood by the bar waiting for our table. So you might be able to split an order of this for lunch with someone and have a side salad.Tasters did say that these had good coconut flavor but the sauce was like sweet pineapple jelly.We asked the (very nice) waiter and you are allowed to order these without a main course, as we were thinking that ordering just these add-ons might be a good choice with a salad and a potato. It was served with pretty awful gluey garlic mashed potatoes (get the baked sweet potato instead, which would be an excellent pairing). All of the tasters called this "greasy." The House Salad was good, with fresher greens than usual for a chain restaurant. Outback does serve their salads with the dressing on the side (with the exception of the Caesar Salad) and it's about 1/4 cup, which is two or three times as much as you need.We ordered all of them grilled but without any of the added seasoning or butter. Interestingly, it's a double chicken breast which is really two servings, so you can take half home for sandwich makings.

The steamed French green beans were good but make sure to ask for them without any butter, as they were way over sauced. It's only 226 calories and 96 mg of sodium and was cooked perfectly. The Atlantic Salmon comes in at 361 calories and only 115 mg of sodium and all the tasters liked this as well.The crabmeat was so salty that one taster said, "It burned my tongue - the first bite felt like I was getting a migraine. You can have a lobster tail, grilled shrimp or scallops. The glaze was sweet and tangy and the pork was perfectly cooked. All in all they have some good and fairly healthy choices.Once again I will admit that I don't much like having to go out and review chain restaurants. (Get to the next to last paragraph for the best choice.) We started with an appetizer.You get choices of sides including baked potatoes (either Idaho or sweet potatoes) that are a reasonable size. Steamed broccoli, or a mix of carrots, yellow squash and snow peas. I will admit to being surprised that the fish was moist and flavorful and not salty at all.

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