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His weapons include his enormous fists, a pump-action Shotgun, and his custom-built minigun (affectionately named Sasha, of which he is very possessive) which, according to the Team Fortress 2 promo video, “Weighs 150 kilograms and fires $200 custom-tooled cartridges at 10,000 rounds per minute.” The Heavy also reveals, with no small amount of satisfaction, that it costs “$400,000 to fire this weapon for 12 seconds.” These guys were built to be the tanks of any team, with a massive 300 health they'll brush off three Rockets from a Soldier, a full three magazines from a Scout's Scattergun, and an assortment of other normally fatal weapons.Medic/Heavy combos are a popular offensive team, with the Medic keeping the Heavy fighting fit and the Heavy keeping the Medic covered while they charge the objective.Despite his great offensive abilities, the Heavy does have one drawback: his massive body. You're the slowest moving class in the game, and you’ll be picked off by any decent enemy snipers before you even get into the enemy base.Russian boxer Nikolai Valuev (sometimes typed Valujev) may be the inspiration behind the Heavy class. That said, large open spaces are also dangerous for you due to your slow speed.Spies will catch fire inside that circle, but the Spy will most likely backstab you and die in the flames. Enclosed spaces are also bad for you because they allow the enemy to jump out, lob rockets and grenades at you, and then duck back behind cover before you can hit them.Spies are also the heavy's Achilles' heel - his slow speed and large back gives them a huge opportunity for a backstab. Your minigun takes a second or two to wind up before it begins firing.He is slow, large, bald and has a thick Russian accent.The Heavy has the most health points of all characters and his minigun causes considerable damage.

The Heavy keeps the engineer safe while he constructs his buildings, and in return, the Engineer's Dispenser gives the Heavy a bottomless ammo supply and a small amount of health. ” (After eating a Sandvich) *sings* "Sandvich and me are going to beat your a**" *sings* "You are ded,not a big surprise" Don’t go on Offense with this class until you’re fairly experienced.Also, thanks to his slow speed (which, pitifully, halves when the Heavy fires his minigun), Snipers tend to make them their favorite target practice dummies, taking perverse pleasure in turning their heads into a "fine red mist". Just keep firing your assault cannon at anyone firing at you, and they'll be the ones to die first, with the exception of other heavys.The stock minigun does take about 0.87 second to rev up to speed, but their special ability allows the motor to be kept running without firing to be constantly prepared.The Heavy's girth can seriously slow him down, making him vulnerable against other classes and their large back provide the perfect target for a Spy. ” (When eating an sandvich) “NOM NOM NOM NOM, NOM NOM! You’re one of the strongest defensive classes in the game.And with a Minigun magazine of 200 rounds, Heavys can spray the field with lead for a substantial amount of time; enough for their team to capitalize on.

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